Lorax - The: The Lorax is a creature that once lived in a beautiful paradise, populated by animals and trees. When Mr. Once-Ler comes along and starts cutting down trees to make the profitable (but useless) Thneeds , the Lorax voices concern, saying, I speak... (more details for Lorax - The)

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Save File by E. Santiago (#207) 2008-08-24 Grade: 9-10
Save File by B.J. Breakiron (#478) 2009-01-29 Grade: 11-12
Save File by Erin Brandon (#682) 2009-05-19 Grade: 9-10
Save File by Kate Sutter (#1576) 2011-04-13 Grade: 6-8
Save File by Jennifer Hoots (#2717) 2014-09-04 Grade: 11-12