Movie Worksheets for the Classroom


Movie Worksheets for the Classroom PDF / DOC: Make teaching with movies fun! Movie Sheets contains one of the largest free databases of classroom movie worksheets on the net that makes teaching with movies worksheets quick and easy. These video worksheets are based on films that teachers have viewed then subsequently created film guides for and many of them are in PDF, DOC and DOCX format. Each film worksheet has been tested within the classroom and can work as a movie note worksheet. Showing videos and the occasional Hollywood film in the classroom is an innovative way to demonstrate concepts and expose common misconceptions while providing a thought provoking change of pace for students. These worksheets provide movie questions to keep kids on task. Teach with movies but remember that film worksheets are NOT meant to supplement good interactive, thought provoking activities in the classroom, rather they are meant to provide an OCCASIONAL change of pace in the classroom. It is recommended to show the film, then stop the footage, do some teaching and start it up again.

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