If We Had No Moon Worksheet Movie Summary: This documentary from the acclaimed team at the Discovery Channel dares to ask: If there were no moon to complement the sun's powerful energy and its effect on Earth, would there be life?... (more details for If We Had No Moon*)

File by C. DeWolf (#183)
2008-08-24 Grade: 9-10

File by Carol Richlin (#184)
2008-08-24 Grade: 9-10

File by Ben Sellers (#352)
2008-09-26 Grade: 11-12

File by Deb Bogard (#838)
2009-11-22 Grade: 9-10

File by Jim Fiddes (#901)
2009-12-23 Grade: 9-10

File by Rebecca Velting (#964)
2010-02-08 Grade: 9-10

File by Dennis Bennett (#2466)
2013-12-30 Grade: 6-8

File by RK Pounds (#2977)
2016-04-19 Grade: 11-12

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