Racing Extinction Worksheet Movie Summary: Filmmakers expose the forces that are leading our planet to its next mass extinction, potentially resulting in the loss of half of all species. A never-before-seen view of an international wildlife trade, operating in the shadows, reveals how... (more details for Racing Extinction*)

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2016-05-18 Grade: 9-10

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Racing Extinction Worksheet

During the film students will view several examples of the overarching theme extinction, in that the swell of people has caused the utmost mass extinction since the KT event 66 million years ago. The Racing Extinction worksheet focuses on key ides including global warming and poaching. It also shows the hard work of scientists, photographers and volunteers to defend endangered species. The film implicates overpopulation, globalization and animal farming as principal causes of disappearance.

Students see the focus of the film, the illegal wildlife trade. Racing Extinction worksheet guides students to understand why the filmmakers went to such great lengths to expose a whale meat restaurant and covert investigations of the shark fin and Manta ray gill trade in Hong Kong for traditional medicines. Student see firsthand how the victorious efforts to include manta rays on the CITES list of protected species stopped a village from slaughtering them to supply demand in China. .

Racing Extinction worksheet guides students to see that global warming from greenhouse gas emissions is a principal cause of extinction. Students can infer that organisms cannot adapt to extraordinary changes in not only temperature, but weather and atmospheric composition. The amount of methane produced by livestock and trapped methane escaping from frozen reservoirs in the Arctic is also an issues. .

During the film student see a custom Tesla Model S fitted projector system to project images of critically endangered and extinct species onto public buildings including Shell factories and Wall Street to name a few. Students also answer questions in the Racing Extinction worksheet about the visit to the village Lamakera in Indonesia in order to encourage the community to stop fishing manta rays.