March of the Penguins: Each winter, alone in the pitiless ice deserts of Antarctica, deep in the most inhospitable terrain on Earth, a truly remarkable journey takes place as it has done for millennia. Emperor penguins in their thousands abandon the deep blue security... (more details for March of the Penguins)

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File by Maggie Wood (#212)
2008-08-24 Grade: 9-10
File by Alison Horner (#213)
2008-08-24 Grade: 9-10
File by Rebecca Kern (#515)
2009-03-01 Grade: 6-8
File by Penny Wisser (#694)
2009-05-26 Grade: 9-10
File by Jenna Lassiter (#1265)
2010-10-12 Grade: 3-5
File by Erin Miller (#2177)
2012-09-07 Grade: 6-8