NOVA: Ancient Earth Worksheet

NOVA: Ancient Earth Worksheet Movie Summary: Dive into the most dramatic events in Earth’s 4.5-billion-year history, from its birth to the emergence of humanity. How did a hellscape of molten lava transform into a lush, green, watery planet filled with life? With dazzlingly realistic... (more details for NOVA: Ancient Earth*)

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Birth of the Sky File #3897 Info: Created by Chris S. on November 21, 2023 using New York State standards for students at a grade 9-10 level.

Worksheets for All Episodes of NOVA Ancient Earth with ANSWERS

NOVA Ancient Earth Birth of the Sky follows as students witness how the first drops of rain splashed down on the searing planet, setting the stage for the evolution of life. And discover how life itself helped create the air we all breathe today.

NOVA Ancient Earth Humans follows through stunningly realistic animation, as students witness the cataclysmic asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs, the tumultuous changing climates that allowed early primates to spread across the planet, and the geologic events that created the conditions for the evolution of an animal that walks upright on two legs.

NOVA Ancient Earth Inferno follows scientists as they piece together geologic evidence from the deep past and clues from today’s ecosystems to discover how life made it through and evolved into the astonishing variety we see around us today.

NOVA Ancient Earth Frozen follows as leading scientists investigate how this catastrophe may have become a catalyst for life to evolve in creative new ways as it bounced back from the brink – setting the stage for the astonishing complexity we see today.

NOVA Ancient Earth Life Rising follows how the first plants made landfall and partnered with fungi to create soil that would sustain them. And discover how, once life emerged on land, it fundamentally altered the very ground it grew on.