Osmosis Jones Worksheet Movie Summary: After the stiff attempts at realism in many recent features, it's a treat to see broad cartoon-style animation on the big screen in Osmosis Jones, a spoof of cop movies set inside the human body. The title character (voice by Chris Rock) is... (more details for Osmosis Jones*)

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Osmosis Jones Worksheet

Students follow along using the Osmosis Jones Worksheet, located at the links above, which chronicles Frank, who is an unkempt, slovenly zookeeper at the Zoo. Dejected by the loss of his wife years earlier, he copes by overeating and ignoring basic sanitation, to the irritation of his young daughter.

Osmosis Jones is a insubordinate officer, who was demoted to patrol duty in the mouth after an incident where he induced Frank to throw up against orders, resulting in Frank being fired from his earlier job at a pea soup factory and barred from visiting Shane's school due to a restraining order filed by her teacher.

Two years later, facing a grave challenge to his re-election prospects, Mayor Phlegmming doubles down on his junk-food policies, ignoring their effect on Frank's health. Students question within the Osmosis Jones worksheet what causes Frank to eat a boiled egg covered in filth which allowed Thrax, a deadly virus, to go into the throat. Unwilling to admit liability, Phlegmming instructs Frank to take a cold suppressant though brain signals. The suppressant, Drixenol "Drix" Koldreliff, proceeds to sterilize the throat, covering up any evidence of Thrax's arrival. To his displeasure, Ozzy is then assigned to assist Drix in his search.

Meanwhile, Thrax assumes leadership of a gang of sweat germs and launches an attack on the mucus dam in Frank's nose, nearly killing Drix before Ozzy rescues him. The two pay a visit to one of Ozzy's informants, who reveals Thrax's plan to pose as a mere cold virus as a cover for killing Frank with a high fever in order to become the next big virus in the medical records. Based on his information students question within the Osmosis Jones worksheet why Ozzy goes undercover at a nightclub intending to infiltrate Thrax's gang, only to be discovered and forced to call in Drix, who manages to destroy the club with a grenade.

Having survived the assault, Thrax eliminates his remaining henchmen and breaks into the hypothalamus gland, where he steals a DNA bead. He then abducts the Mayor's secretary, Leah Estrogen, and flees to the mouth to escape. His actions disable the body's ability to regulate temperature, causing the city to break out in flames and panic. As Thrax has Jones pinned down, he threatens to break his record by killing Shane but gets stuck in the false eyelash; Jones escapes at the last minute before the eyelash slides off and lands in a vessel of rubbing alcohol, dissolving Thrax to death.

As Frank's temperature goes over 108 degrees, his heart begins to shut down and students answer why within the Osmosis Jones Worksheet. Riding one of Shane's tears, Ozzy reenters his body and replaces the missing chromosome. Having narrowly cheated death, Frank commits himself to living a healthier lifestyle, while Ozzy is re-instated to the force with Drix as his new partner, and begins a relationship with Leah. Phlegmming later loses his position as mayor, is reduced to a custodian in the bowels, and later ejects himself accidentally by triggering Frank's flatulence.

Osmosis Jones Movie Worksheet Answer Key

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