Supervolcano Worksheet Movie Summary: Amidst the stunning wilderness of Yellowstone National Park is a super volcano. Steam and hot water that bubble and hiss from thousands of colorful, mineral-encrusted springs and vents. These hot springs, geysers and bubbling mud pools are all... (more details for Supervolcano*)

File by Scott Schaefer (#290)
2008-08-24 Grade: 9-10

File by Barbara Frey (#291)
2008-08-24 Grade: 9-10

File by C.C. (#395)
2008-11-21 Grade: 6-8

File by Jessica Anderson (#589)
2009-04-14 Grade: 9-10

File by Kate Rosok (#2793)
2015-03-19 Grade: 9-10

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