NOVA: World in the Balance Worksheet Movie Summary: The Population Paradox (NOVA): The People Paradox. It took all of human history until 1800 for the worlds population to reach its first billion. Now we add a new billion nearly every dozen years. Over the next half century, 98 percent of that... (more details for NOVA: World in the Balance*)

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NOVA World in the Balance Worksheet Answer Key

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The World in the Balance Worksheet answers many questions students may have about population growth. It follows along as the film talks about how a billion new people are added to this planet every dozen years, and 98% of this growth will occur in the poorest regions. This groundbreaking program covers the implications of an ever-growing population. NOVA experts and personal stories explain the paradox presented by shrinking birth rates and an aging population in some parts of the world, while other areas experience over half of their growth in age groups under 25. Social and economic strains from over-population are explored as well as the planet’s predicted fate in another 50 years.