Bill Nye: Static Electricity: The science guy explores electrostatics by examining the nature of static electricity. Explains what electrons are, how electrons are charged, and how objects gain or lose electrons. Presents a variety of experiments illustrating static... (more details for Bill Nye: Static Electricity)

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File by John Martinelli (#815)
2009-11-09 Grade: 6-8
File by Ms. Tina Gross (#828)
2009-11-16 Grade: 6-8
File by Randy Wilson (#909)
2010-01-08 Grade: 9-10
File by Jim Partacz (#1115)
2010-04-18 Grade: 6-8
File by Doug LaVigne (#1356)
2010-11-29 Grade: 9-10
File by Mrs. Payne (#1492)
2011-03-04 Grade: 6-8