Bill Nye: Cells Worksheet Movie Summary: The science guy explores cells and cell function, using a variety of examples to reveal how cells make up all living things. Examines cell physiology and the molecular structure of DNA. Looks at single-cell organisms, such as amoebas and... (more details for Bill Nye: Cells)

File by Misti Zimmerman (#48)
2008-08-09 Grade: 9-10

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2009-05-06 Grade: 6-8

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2011-10-15 Grade: 9-10

File by Jill Cooke (#1984)
2012-03-27 Grade: 6-8

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2012-04-13 Grade: 9-10

File by Behr (#2003)
2012-04-13 Grade: 9-10

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2013-04-08 Grade: 6-8

File by Regina Linton (#2391)
2013-10-04 Grade: 6-8

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