America the Story of Us Worksheet Movie Summary: With 12 chapters spread out over three discs and a total running time of more than nine hours (not including bonus material), the History Channels America: The Story of Us is a sprawling primer on the history of the country and its people.... (more details for America the Story of Us )

File by Jenny Horne (#2037)
2012-05-02 Grade: 6-8

File by Spencer mourning (#2070)
2012-05-15 Grade: 9-10

Bust File by Kate Sutter (#1871)
2012-01-17 Grade: 11-12

Bust File by L. Dover (#2473)
2014-01-06 Grade: 11-12

Cities File by Tom Byrnes (#1752)
2011-10-11 Grade: 9-10

Cities File by Tom Byrnes (#1776)
2011-10-20 Grade: 9-10

Rebels File by Tom Byrns (#1249)
2010-09-22 Grade: 6-8

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