Discover Planet Ocean Worksheet

Discover Planet Ocean Worksheet Movie Summary: Discover the ocean life, wild life, cultures, climate and its effect on the Great River or current that circulates in the North Pacific Ocean bringing people to Costa Rica, The Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, United States and Canada.... (more details for Discover Planet Ocean*)

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Pristine Seas of the Cocos File #1327 Info: Created by Bailey on November 15, 2010 using Illinois State standards for students at a grade 6-8 level.

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The Race for Absolute Zero Worksheet

Air-conditioning, refrigeration, and superconductivity are just some of the ways technology has put cold to use. But what is cold, how do you achieve it, and how cold can it get? This NOVA Absolute Zero Worksheet located at the links above follows along as the film explores these and other facets of the frigid in two one-hour programs. Along the way students learn about the invention of thermometers, the origin of the ice business in 1800's, Clarence Birdseye's fishing trip that led to the invention of frozen food, and a couple of cold-inspired scientific races towards absolute zero that ended in Nobel Prizes.