Absolute Zero (NOVA): Our mastery of cold is something we take for granted, whether it s air conditioning and frozen food or the liquefied gases and superconductivity at the heart of cutting-edge technology. But what is cold? How do you achieve it, and how cold can it... (more details for Absolute Zero (NOVA))

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File by David Conover (#1391)
2011-01-03 Grade: 9-10
File by John Daneau (#1398)
2011-01-05 Grade: 11-12
File by Kelly Haupt (#1482)
2011-03-02 Grade: 11-12
File by Heather Ayotte (#1609)
2011-05-04 Grade: 9-10
File by Jacci Vanden Heuvel (#2026)
2012-04-26 Grade: 11-12