Temple Grandin Movie Worksheet Movie Summary: Before enrolling in college, famed animal husbandry expert Temple Grandin visits a cattle ranch owned by her aunt Ann and demonstrates a brilliance for all things mechanical. Once classes begin, the autistic Grandin rises to meet the intellectual... (more details for Temple Grandin Movie*)

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2011-04-25 Grade: 11-12

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Temple Grandin Movie Worksheet

The Temple Grandin movie worksheet, available at the link(s) above, follows a child who is diagnosed with autism. At that time it was considered a form of schizophrenia resulting from not enough motherly affection. Despite recommendations to place her in an institution, Ormond hires therapists to help her daughter adapt to social communication.

Students follow along within the temple grandin movie worksheet that as a teenager Temple travels to her aunt and uncle's ranch to work. She observes cows being placed into a squeeze chute to calm them and during an anxiety attack, she uses the chute to calm herself. stimulated by her teacher she is admitted to Franklin Pierce College where she develops an early version of the squeeze machine.

Students see firsthand that Temple faces sexism while attempting to integrate into the world of cattle ranching but in the end designs a new dip structure designed to allow cattle to voluntarily move through rather than being forced. Temple Grandin movie worksheet shows the device works as intended, and garners favorable coverage in local press, but ranch hands, not understanding her design, frivolously alter it, resulting in the drowning of several cows. Angered, Grandin visits Carlock, and leaves the meeting confident to continue her efforts to improve the industry.

The conclusion of the film depicts an autism gathering that Temple and her mother attend. Given the rudimentary state of autism research, the speaker cannot answer many questions from the audience, but Temple speaks out from the crowd clearing up how she has adapted. Temple also describes her mother's donations to her success. Excited by the opportunity to hear from someone with real experience, the audience calls her to the podium, marking Temple's transition into autism advocacy.