Bill Nye: Phases of Matter Worksheet Movie Summary: Bill Nye is going through a phase, a phase of matter! Check out the Phases of Matter episode to find out about rock-solid solids, liquidy liquids, and gassy gases. Its... (more details for Bill Nye: Phases of Matter*)

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The Bill Nye Phases of Matter Worksheet offered for free download at the links above follows along as Bill Nye talks about how everything on the planet is made of stuff called matter and all matter is composed of atoms. Bill Nye Phases of Matter Worksheet allows students to understand that by definition, matter is pretty much anything that comes in phases. There are solids, liquids and gas. The major difference between each of the three phases is how fast the atoms move. Atoms move because they have energy and the more energy that’s in something, the faster the atoms move. Atoms in solids don’t move very much. The Bill Nye Phases of Matter Worksheet shows students that atoms in liquid water move around a little and that vapor atoms move fast that’s which they float. It also covers the fact that heating adds energy while and cooling takes energy away. These worksheets are free to instantly download and require no registration at all! Enjoy!